I obtained my CFP mark in 2015 as I wanted to practice to become a licensed financial planner by providing unbiased and independent advice to clients. The mark provides a platform which enables me to create awareness to the public through various activities and events with regards to proper financial planning. The CFP mark also helps me to gain clients confidence when I deliver the financial services hence that is the reasons I have retained the mark for all these years. Recently, with the CFP mark, I have progressed and has just gotten my license from Securities Commission of Malaysia to become a fee only Financial Planner which I hope to contribute more and excel in the profession.

Chin Roiree

I left the financial industry after almost a decade, to move into a field that I was more passionate in - education & training. Even though my new profession did not require me to have the CFP, I still retained the mark as it was a loving reminder of my previous career & my commitment to promoting financial literacy in the community & the people around me. I also found the knowledge I gained during the grueling 6 modules to be helpful when I was conducting corporate training for companies who are from the financial industry, as well as, the public workshops I conducted that was centered around personal development which also involved money management & wealth planning. I truly believe that the CFP mark is worth retaining as it brings confidence to members of the public as the gold standard in the industry & is internationally recognized for its commitment to professionalism.

Joel See Pih Liang

"Having CFP added to my name gives me boost of confidence that I can conduct financial planning activities professionally. It also increase the level of trust my clients has with me, as they know I undergo continuous learning to upgrade my skills. For anyone who is in the financial industry, I strongly recommend CFP as a must-take certification."

Allen Ang Boon Kiat