Certified Members

Certified Members are individuals who have passed the certification examinations after completing a CFP CERT TM certification course provided by an approved Education Provider.They also need to have three years of relevant experience and abide by the Association’s Professional Responsibilities and Code of Ethics.Once certified, a CFP professional is required to maintain technical competence and fulfill ethical obligations.Every two years, he must complete a minimum of 20 hours of continuing education to keep abreast of current developments in the financial planning profession in order to better serve his clients. Two of the 20 hours are to be spent studying or discussing FPAM’s Professional Code of Ethics and Practice Standards.Excess credits acquired in one reporting period cannot be carried over to another reporting period.In addition to the biennial continuing education requirement, every CFP practitioner must also voluntarily disclose any public, civil, criminal or disciplinary actions that may have been taken against him in the past two years as part of the continuing Re-certification process. Privileges of being a Certified Member

  • Entitled to use the CFP marks on your business cards.
  • Complimentary copies of “4E Journal”, FPAM’s publication exclusively for members.
  • Special rates to attend continuing education programs including seminars, forums, conferences and luncheons.
  • Invitations to networking events and industry related gatherings.
  • Library services and Internet access at FPAM’s office.
  • Voting rights at Annual General Meeting.
  • Opportunities to stay informed about the latest trends, developments and products through seminars, workshops and meetings.
  • Chapter Working Committees provide platforms for interaction among members in their respective states.

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Continuing Education Audit

Random audits will be conducted to ensure that certified members fulfill
their continuing education requirement.

Members selected for the CE audits will be required to complete the CE report and submit proof of CE activities participation.

Certified members are therefore required to keep supporting documentation in
the event they are audited or to show proof of attendance.