List of Books in FPAM’s Library

Classification: Financial Planning

Title Author Publisher Year
A “No Sweat’ Approach to Mathematics I Personal and Business Finance Chai Kon Lim D’Wealth Publication (M) Sdn Bhd 2003
Deena Katz’s Tools and Templates for Your Practice Deena B. Katz Bloomberg Press 2001
Financial Freedom Edmond Cheah, Wong Boon Choy, Rajen Devadason Kuala Lumpur Mutual Fund Berhad, KL 1999
Financial Management for Everyone (Mandarin version) Tan Kang Yap Foundermall Doc Com Sdn Bhd 2005
Financial Planning For The Baby Boomer Client Donald Ray Haas National Underwriter 1998
Financial Sutra for Malaysians:Your Personal Guide to Wealth Creation B.J Ooi, Andy Ong AFPJ Pte Ltd,S’pore
Mastering Financial Calculations Robert Steiner Financial Times Prentice Hall 2000
Personal Financial Planning in Malaysia Lee Boon Keng,Andy Ong AFPJ Pte Ltd
Power Concepts for Investing Wisely Mike Lee Chee Thye Leeds Publication 2006
The Personal Finance Calculator Esme Faerber McGraw Hill
The Tools & Techniques of Financial Planning Stephan R. Leimberg, Martin J.Satinsky, Robert T.LeClair, Robert J.Doyle,Jr. National Underwriter 1986
Total Financial Planning Reevany&Eleesya, Goh Chai Siong, Chin Kim Sin, Sam Leong, Bong Hong Kuang KnowledgeCraftsmen 2002
Wealth Management Kochis Fitz CCH Incorporated 2003
Winning Strategies In Financial Planning K.R. Raju WISDOMAX Consultants Publishers 2001