List of Books in FPAM’s Library

Classification: Acts, Regulations & related materials

Title Author Publisher Year
Companies Act 1965 (Act 125) -na- International Law Book Services 2003
Education Act 1996 (Act 550) -na- International Law Book Services 1999
Employees’ Social Security Act (SOCSO) and Regulations with Index -na- MDC Publishers Printers Sdn Bhd 2003
Employees’ Provident Fund Act (EPC Act) and Regulations -na- MDC Publishers Printers Sdn Bhd 2004
Employment Act and Regulations -na- MDC Publishers Printers Sdn Bhd 2004
Insurance Act 1996 (Act 553) & Regulations And Orders -na- Golden Books Centre Sdn Bhd 2002
Insurance Law Manual Beldeu Singh Pelanduk Publication 2002
Laws of Malaysia Securities Industry Act 1983 -na- The Commissioner of Law Revision Malaysia 1983
The Insurance Act 1996 – Its Impact On Life Insurance S. Santhana Dass Alpha Sigma Sdn Bhd, KL 1997
Undang-Undang Malaysia Akta A1218 Akta Perindustrian Sekuriti (Pindaan) 2003 -na- Percentakan Nasional Malaysia Berhad 2003
Undang-Undang Insurans Malaysia Chew Li Hua CCH Asia Pte Limited 2001

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Insights to Choosing a Financial Planner