Ng Chee Yong
Cheng & Co Wealth Management S/B,
Wisma Cheng & Co, No.16-3 Jalan 2/114,
Kuchai Business Centre
off Jln Klang Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur
603-7984 8988 | 019-448 9923
603-7984 9942

Credentials : CFP, CMSRL, MSc

  • Chee Yong is a certified financial planner and a licensed
    Capital Market Services Representative (CMSRL) in financial
    planning. His passion in assisting people to manage their
    finances led him to provide holistic financial advisory
    services since 2007.
  • Chee Yong is often featured in public financial talk. He also
    contributes articles and is interviewed by financial media.
    He actively involves in Financial Planning Association of Malaysia
    (FPAM) activities and has become committee member of FPAM
    Practitioner Development Work Group (PDWG) that organizes Financial
    Planning Practice Clinic (FPPC).
  • His motto is “Plan your live and live your dreams”. He has a
    mission to assist his clients to feel confident about their
    finances and create a financial roadmap through a
    personalized financial blueprint.
  • Chee Yong is a fee-based licensed financial planner and had
    written over 60 charged financial plans since 2007. He has been
    assisting many individuals including entrepreneurs, self-employed,
    company directors, doctors, lawyers, engineers and other
    professionals to create their financial blueprint.
  • Since 2013, Chee Yong has joined Cheng & Co Wealth Management
    (CCWM) as CEO and Partner. CCWM is One-Stop Professional Centre
    to provide holistic corporate advisory & personal financial
    blueprint to corporate, business owner and professional. Kindly
    for more information.