Ben Ng
Total Business Advisory Sdn. Bhd.
41 & 43, Jalan Kenari 21, Bandar Puchong Jaya,

47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia.
+6017-6959928 | +603-8076 2928
+603-8076 6928

Credentials : MScFP, CFP CERT TM

Ben Ng, the Managing Director of TBA has 19 years of experience in
training for financial intermediaries, government departments and
insurance companies, and provides a combination of state-of-the-art
financial planning model and unsurpassed financial know-how.

He has developed 26-days course that trained over 8000 top sales
professionals covering practical aspects in financial planning and
proven effective approach to high net-worth clients.

TBA organized more than 100 customer talks and collaborates with
financial organizations in Asia Pacific offering courses, journals,
conferences and seminars on various financial planning topics and
issues such as wealth management, bankruptcy and taxation planning
etc. TBA also assists many of the industry professionals in setting
up of strategic financial planning firms.

TBA has developed online accounting software complimented with
effective tax planning features. The software helps eliminate tax
hazards effectively through professional advices on accounting
charting of the corporate expenditure, and hence paying the tax
authority efficiently. TBA also involves in implementing several
corporate reorganization for long term effective tax preparation.

TBA offers thorough advices in wealth/estate transfer with excellent
means of maximizing and preserving one’s wealth,avoiding unnecessary
taxes/time spent and legal hassles on the transfer and family
disputes over the asset left behind. TBA also helps in speedy
settlement and distribution of the estate of the Deceased to the
intended Beneficiaries, according to the Will, Islamic Faraid Laws
(Muslim) or relevant laws of distribution as stipulated in the
Distribution Act 1958 (Non-Muslim).

TBA has also formed knowledgeable tax consultant’s team helping tax
payers in attending and surviving field tax audits. With adequate taq
planning and resolution in rightful manners, TBA guides clients
through the complicated tax codes and regulations, and successfully
enlightening clients about tax responsibilities.

  • Financial Planning Mentoring/Internship/Training includes Consultation in Setting-up Financial Planning Firm
  • Online Accounting Software and Charting & Transform Sole Proprietorship/Partnership to Sdn. Bhd.
  • Corporate Reorganization on Efficient Tax Planning
  • Wealth Transfer through Generations
  • Attending Field Audit