List yourself on the CFP CERT TM
Professional Directory
e-Directory is a listing of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professionals enabling the certified members to position themselves strategically to the public through the website. CFP professionals can profile key information of themselves such as educational background, experience, skills and range of services as well as their contact details. The public too can now easily identify the host of relevant qualified financial planners to assist them in financial planning.

Optional to the certified members, the directory will feature the background and experience of each CFP professional as well as their contact details.

A one-time set-up fee of RM200 will be charged for the directory. However, each time a major amendment is made in the directory (profile content) a RM60 fee will be charged. Minor changes such as the change in the telephone numbers and address will not be charged.

How to Register?

Fill in the details and send the Registration Form together with the payment advice by mail or fax. On top of that, kindly provide us with the details (click the link below) you want to put inside the directory page through email.

For the information in the directory i.e. name, contacts and services profile, please email to