Award of Excellence and Merit Ceremony 2014

May 27, 2014 Admin

This award ceremony is for candidates who have successfully completed the CFP Certification examinations and have met all the other requirements to be awarded the CFP designation for the year 2013.

Date: 28 June 2014 (Saturday)

Time: 10.00 a.m.

Venue: Berjaya Hall, Bukit Kiara Equestrian & Country Resort Jalan Bukit Kiara,

Off Jalan Damansara, 60000 Kuala Lumpur

Excellence Award Winners

Module 1 – Foundation in Financial Planning

Sia Han Zhong (June 2013)

Thong Seng Soon (December 2013)

Module 2 – Risk Management and Insurance Planning

Koh May Ling (June 2013)

Teoh Oon Siang December 2013)

Module 3 – Tax Planning

Tan Yee Nee (June 2013)

Ti Yi Hong (December 2013)

Module 4 – Investment Planning

Heng Aik Yong (June 2013)

Shahida Bt Abdullah (December 2013)

Module 5 – Retirement Planning and Estate Planning

Ng Siew Fak (June 2013)

Lim Min Fuah (December 2013)

Module 6 – Financial Plan Construction & Professional Responsibilities

Soon Yin Fong (June 2013)


Merit Award Winners

Module 6 – Financial Plan Construction & Professional Responsibilities

Lieu Ching Foo (December 2013)



A. Karpagam A/P Anadrajah

Abu Bakar Bin Uzir

Ahmad Fauzi Bin Mohd Jelas

Ahmad Zikri Bin Ahmad Rafai

Arunadevi A/P Sathiaseelan

Aszua bin Basir

Benjamin Ong Eng Keen

Bong Kuet Foong

Chai Lee Chin

Chai Miow Fong

Chan Poi Yee

Chan Yoke Voon

Chang Ee Tyng

Cheah Sook Sean

Cheah Ui Lee

Chee Ei Leen

Cheong Kai Cheng

Cheong Veon Thau

Chiew Veng Ching

Chin Chew Lean

Chin Siew Fah

Chin Yon Kin

Ch’ng Fuh Shenq

Chok Yee Moi

Chong Chiew Yin

Chong Luan Yew

Chong Pow Ying

Choong Chui Lin

Chor Eng Chuan

Eleazar Joey Yeng Jin Shian

Emelia Wati Binti Aripin

Fabian Low Zhen Hui

Foo Yoong Kit

Foong Min Fei

Fu Chee Wai

Gang Pit King

Go Woei Chyuan

Goh Lian Nee

Goh Yeh Ming

Gunaseelan A/L Kannan

Halima Nuriah Binti Ameer Hamza

Hoe Chi Leng

Hui Sook Peng

Irwan Bin Matsusah

Iskandar Bin Mohd Amin @ Hamim

Jennifer Liew Saw Fan

Junesan Lim

Kan Soon Cheong

Kho Chiau Hung

Khoo Kan Chung

Khoo Lay Sin

Khoo Mei Fong

Khor Wee Cheah

Ko Chai Fung

Koay Kai Chong

Koay Keat Siang

Lang Chee Kin

Lau Lee Hie

Lau Shan Shan

Lee Chui Yan

Lee Hon Boon

Lee Lay Min

Lee Mun Chueon

Lee Mun Wai

Lee Nyek Li

Lee Wai Chee

Lee Yim Jiuan

Lei Pooi Lin @ Lee Pooi Lin

Leong Chooi Sun

Leong Phaik Shan

Leow Hon Wei

Leung Chui Yee

Liang Yee Kai

Liau Chee Hui

Liew Pek Wey

Liew Uey You

Liew Voon Ching

Lim Chien Min

Lim Ee Kiat

Lim Hooi Hooi

Lim Hooi Khuan

Lim Keatky

Lim Siew Kim

Lim Siok Kwan

Lim Siok Nee

Lim Wai Sheong

Lim Wee Kean

Ling Mee Yen

Lock Shek Lin

Loh Chey Kim

Loo Wing Wai

Loo Yi

Low Wee Peng

Lu Beng Beng

Magenthiran A/L Tewagudam

Mohamad Faisal Bin Abdul Malik

Mohd Amanuddin Zakaria @ Mahmod

Mohd Supian Bin Osman

Mun Peck Pei

Ng Chow Seng

Ng Chuen Leong

Ng In Huwa

Ng Wai Chong

Ngiam Lian Yong

Ngu Ping Ping

Nor Idayu Binti Abdul Malek

Nor Shahila Binti Ahmad

Oh Teen Teen

Ong Lay Ping

Ooi Chai Ling

Ooi Ho Seng

P. Steven A/L Pragasam

Phuah Eng Kooi

Richmond Lim Chun Hong

Rudy Johan Bin Siatan

Sally Tong Siew Leng

Seah Hui Ping

Siew Leong Yew

Soh Boon Hong

Soh Kok Wah

Soon Yin Fong

Tan Bee Lay

Tan Cheng Seang

Tan Eng Hong

Tan Eng Keat

Tan Geik Boey

Tan Hock Seong

Tan Kai Hua

Tan Piek Chin

Tan Siew Mung

Tan Song Lim

Tang Kim Wah

Tay Geok Eng

Tay Guan Fang

Teng Wei Heong

Teo Bee Chin

Teo Say Yah

Teo Su Khiang

Teoh Ai Ling

Teoh Er Ling

Teow Hai Theng

Tey Keng Guan

Thian Kai Tong

Thoo Sei Sam

Tong Li Shan

Wong Chiok Yieng

Wong Eu Bing

Wong Han Voon

Wong Kang Jiann

Wong Kek Ho

Wong Swee Hui

Wong Swee Ngoh

Wong Tung Wai

Wong Wei Kiong

Yap Chee Kuan

Yap Hwee Duh

Yap Kok Leong

Yau Sheong Wei

Yeap Tok Suan

Yeong Yung Ai

Yong Chee Yoon

Yong Yuen Sheng


PlanPlus Global Financial Planning Awards 2014

May 27, 2014 Admin


Imagine the credibility you would build with your clients if they received an announcement naming you as a winner of the 2014 Global Financial Planning Awards!

An article would appear in your local newspaper the next day and more press releases would go out to trade periodicals. Wouldn’t something like this help to further establish your reputation as a great financial planning advisor?

Three advisors somewhere in the world will have this experience in October.

Here’s the scoop. PlanPlus created these annual awards in 2013 to help enhance the credibility of the financial planning profession around the globe. Your entry is based on an already existing actual client plan (client identity is protected), and an international panel of distinguished judges, adjudicates the entries. To participate in the competition, and advisor must have worked with the client on a fiduciary basis, have a recognized financial planning designation, and be a member in good standing with a financial planning or other professional body or association.

There are three award winners, one from each of the following regions:

  • The Americas
  • Europe, including Australlia and New Zealand, and
  • Asia, including Africa and the Middle East

The three regional winners will receive some great publicity, on top of receiving round-trip airfare, hotel accommodations, and entrance to the FPA Annual Conference in  (now called FPA BE) from Sept. 20-22nd in Seattle Washington.


You can go to the GFPA website at and register online.

Do it now as the number of entries from each region is capped.

Entries can be submitted until the extended 5 August 2014 deadline.

SAVE & INVEST 2014 Nationwide Roadshow & Seminar

May 27, 2014 Admin

Money Compass will be organizing a SAVE & INVEST 2014 Nationwide Roadshow & Seminar from June- Aug 2014.

Certified Members are entitled to complimentary passes if they RSVP 3 days before the event date to: 

Save & Invest

In confronting the stiff challenges from rising inflation rate to fit the modern daily lifestyle, our life expectancy has become more complex and on a rising curve. It is reported in global studies that all mankind on earth are tend to live longer courtesy to the advancement of technology and improved lifestyles. Therefore, the biggest question to ask nowadays would be: “How to keep pace with our money purchasing power with inflation, and matching the life expectancy at each stage of our living and finally still adequate to support our retirement age?”

Hence, with the theme of “FINANCIAL FREEDOM FOR EVERONE”, Money Compass <2014 Save & Invest Road Shows and Seminars> is a dedicated platform created to cater to the needs of all Malaysian. The roadshows envisioned to providing Save & Invest knowledge, latest investment trends & tips to general public from all walks of life.

The series of Roadshows & Seminars cover 6 major cities in Malaysia from June to August, including Seremban, Alor Setar, Bintulu, Batu Pahat, Sandakan and Kuala Lumpur. The first roadshow will kicks off on 6th June 2014 at Klana Resort, Seremban.

The roadshow consists of seminar presentations which cover relevant saving and investment planning topics, which are panel 1 on financial literacy & protection on deposit and insurance policy, panel 2 on multiply your retirement fund, building your investment portfolio, investment outlook, futures and options, panel 3 is prepare for GST implementation and etc. Speakers are from top management of financial institutions as well as professional certified financial advisers.

The seminar will be conducted in 2 sessions and in medium of English and Mandarin. It is charged RM20 per person per session. Seminar participants also stand a chance to win the fabulous lucky draw prizes including digital tablets, anti-virus software and magazines subscriptions.

On the other hand, exhibition is open from 9am to 6pm at every event venue and admission is free of charge. Public can obtain free advisory from the participated booths. Exhibitors lined up are Kenanga, AKPK, PIDM, Bursa Malaysia, PPA and etc.

This event is sponsored by Kenanga Investor Berhad as Platinum Sponsor. Apart from the sponsor, the 6 cities roadshows are also supported by several major associations, which are Bursa Malaysia, Credit Counseling and Management Agency (AKPK), Malaysia Financial Planning Council (MFPC), Financial Planning Association of Malaysia (FPAM) and National Association of Malaysia Life Insurance Fieldforce Advisors (NAMLIFA).

For RSVP, please call Syanon Munning at 03-7954 9500 or submit your Name, I/C No, Mobile No, Email address, No of pax reserved, Session to Upon receiving the RSVP, an e-ticket will be emailed to you to be printed for registration on the event day. Refreshments will be provided during the seminar. Participants are eligible to claim 2 CE points.





肯纳格(KENANGA)是该系列活动的白金赞助商。除了肯纳格,这6场活动也获得多家公会组织鼎力支持,其中包括吉隆坡证券交易所(Bursa Malaysia)、信贷咨询与债务管理机构(AKPK)、大马财务规划理事会(MFPC)、大马财务规划师协会(FPAM)、大马全国寿险与理财顾问公会(NAMLIFA)。

储蓄与投资展入场免费,讲座会则收费20令吉。有兴趣购票者,可拨电03-7954 9500联络SYANON MUNNING。有兴趣者也可把姓名/身份证号码/电话号码/电邮/预订人数/欲出席的讲座会时段寄至以便预订席位。在确认预订席位后,您将会收到一张电子票券,以便在讲座会当天凭票入场。讲座会也备有茶点招待,并由FPAM提供2个CE积分。


SEREMBAN – 6 June 2014 (Fri) 9am-1pm (English)
SEREMBAN – 6 June 2014 (Fri) 2pm-6pm (Mandarin华语)
ALOR SETAR – 21 June 2014 (Sat) 9am-1pm (English)
ALOR SETAR – 21 June 2014 (Sat) 2pm-6pm (Mandarin华语)
BINTULU – 28 June 2014 (Sat) 9am-1pm (English)
BINTULU – 28 June 2014 (Sat) 2pm-6pm (Mandarin华语)
BATU PAHAT – 5 July 2014 (Sat) 9am-1pm (English)
BATU PAHAT – 5 July 2014 (Sat) 2pm-6pm (Mandarin华语)
SANDAKAN – 19 July 2014 (Sat) 9am-1pm (English)
SANDAKAN – 19 July 2014 (Sat) 2pm-6pm (Mandarin华语)
KL – 16 Aug 2014 (Sat) 9am-1pm (English)
KL – 16 Aug 2014 (Sat) 2pm-6pm (Mandarin华语)

Wealth Maximization through Tax Planning (Kota Kinabalu)

May 15, 2014 Admin

* 10 CE Points * 10 CE Points with Code of Ethics * 8 CPD Points*

Date: June 28, 2014 / Saturday

Click here for registration form and programme

Wealth Maximization through Tax Planning

May 8, 2014 Admin

* 10 CE Points * 10 CPE Points * 8 CPD Points*

Date: May 24 2014 / Saturday [Full day]

Click here for registration form and programme