Direct Access – FPAM Mastercard Launched

December 23, 2008 Admin


FPAM together with Direct Access have launched the Direct Access FPAM Platinum Mastercard. The card, reserved for FPAM members only comes with many exclusive privileges and is part of FPAM’s initiative to enhance membership benefits.

Managing Your Unit Trust Portfolio Well At All Times

December 19, 2008 Admin

Date: Mar 14, 2009 / Saturday [ full day ]


  • Discover the truth about unit trust investments – are they really viable investment instruments?
  • Learn to use the financial planning approach to conduct fact-find about investor objectives, risk profile, time horizon, affordability to invest and investment strategies.
  • Learn how some economic indicators can influence the performance of the unit trust portfolio over time.
  • Learn how to develop a basic plan for investors by using a combination of asset allocation and dollar cost averaging strategy.
  • Learn how re-balancing of a unit trust portfolio is done in both a recovery and declining market situation.

Register before March 1, 2009 to enjoy Early Bird Discount!

A SIDC CPE-accredited Course with 10 CPE Points!  Incorporating “Code of Ethics” 2 CE Points.

Wealth Management for Financial Planners

December 18, 2008 Admin

Date: Feb 14, 2009 / Saturday [ full day ]

There can never be enough exposure to wealth management. People are different in many ways and their appetite for risk and return is even more varied. Financial Planners need to understand how people view their personal finances and the choices they are willing to make.

Goals in an uncertain economic environment will be harder to achieve and financial planners need to be even more astute as to client wants and needs. All the components of financial planning, namely cash flow management, tax planning, investment management, risk management and estate planning must be brought to bear to achieve client objectives.

Financial planners in wealth management practice will also have a heavy interest in business models that will work for them. Wealth management for the different categories and styles of people will always absorb the interest of financial planners.

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Money Basics – Big Rock Planning

December 15, 2008 Admin
Date : December 20, 2008
Venue : SEGI College, 7th Floor
Beside Summit Complex
Subang Jaya 
Speaker : Grace Chan Phaik Yee

Talk outline:

Session 1 – Learn practical aspects of what you can do to achieve your financial dreams with ‘what-if scenarios’ to see how it can get you closer to these dreams
Session 2 – Get an insight on Investing In Unit Trusts