Seminar on Wealth Accumulation Planning

June 23, 2006 Admin

Mr U Chen Hock speaks at seminar on Wealth Accumulation Planning organized by University Utara Malaysia

8.00am Registration
8.30am Opening Ceremony
9.00am Overview of Financial Planning Industry in Malaysia & the Way Forward
U Chen Hock
Financial Planning Association of Malaysia (FPAM)
10.45am Coffee Break
11.00am Investment Planning
Mohammad Badri Rozali, CFP
Faculty of Finance & Banking
Universiti Utara Malaysia
12.30pm Luncheon
2.00pm Tax Planning
Dr. Siti Normala Sheikh Obid
Certified Tax Consultant
City Advisory Management Services Sdn Bhd
3.30pm Tea break
4.00pm Wealth Accumulation & Management – Islamic Perspectives
Dr. Zainal Azam Abd Rahman
Director, Centre of Shariah, Laws & Political Science
Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia (IKIM)
5.30pm End of day one
8.00pm Barbecue dinner
Fees: RM250
For Inquiries:
Contact Person: Assoc Prof. Norafifah Ahmad
Tel: 04-9286465 or 012-4947497
Fax: 04-9286406

CFP to become naturalized in China soon

June 23, 2006 Admin
By Cui Yuqing,

That day, the meeting was held in a low tone; however, various financial insiders knew clearly about the significance in such an action, it symbolized that China had entered into the highest authentication procedures in the international financing planning, which would play a positive role of promotion for the improvement of China’s financing planning services and the regulation of order in the financing market.

“Experts” being everywhere due to a blooming demand for financing

As disclosed by insiders, the quality of trainings on financing is ragged at present. Such trainings do not only vary in value: some unqualified”training schools” even issue certificates after several days so long as they have collected fees. Quality experts on financing and unqualified ones intermingled together are everywhere, which is a troublesome fact for consumers.